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OUR PROGRAMMES | Hlanganisa Community Fund for Social and Gender Justice Southern Africa


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We need your help to help others, see our causes.

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South Africa has significant challenges in areas of gender-based violence, human and constitutional rights, and the rights of the LGBTI community. Hlanganisa projects are aimed at strengthening social accountability, promoting human rights in pursuit of social justice in Southern Africa. Hlanganisa believes in partnering communities for sustainable change.

Social investments managed well are particularly powerful in times of crisis. We ensure that partner funding reaches those in most need and hold people accountable for these investments. Our COVID-19 relief fund has provided emergency funding during the pandemic to organisations that would otherwise have reduced or shut down operations. These organisations caring for society’s most vulnerable, need support now more than ever before. Our Get Assistance Promptly (GAP) Fund is a rapid response fund for violence against women.

The Multi Agency Grant-making Initiative (MAGI) was established in June 2006 out of the realisation that despite the potentially impactful development work undertaken by communitybased organisations (CBOs), many of whom are community advice offices (CAO’s), many do not operate sustainably because of poor capacity and inadequate resources – and tend to have a short lifespan thus limiting their potential to effect lasting change.

The programme was established to contribute to the protection of the rights of sexual minority groups. Its main objective is to “create larger opportunities for sexual minorities in Southern Africa to enjoy the freedom to live their lives in their own way and to be accepted by and have full participation in society”.

Through the Joint Gender Fund, Hlanganisa has been able to strengthen community level GBV responses. The basket fund enhances the impact of donor funding to civil society in the field of GBV in South Africa. The vision of the Joint Gender Fund is a strengthened sector that is able to respond to GBV and to enhance leadership and provide funding for innovative programmes that address the drivers of violence against women and girls.

The enormous challenges faced by communities across our region are well documented. Many high-potential community-based organisations are hampered by poor capacity, financial systems and resources. Through working with us, our CSI partners change communities for the better, as we channel and manage their CSI spend. Companies select Hlanganisa because of our track record, strong governance, strong networks and ability to use your funding to improve lives.

Local economic
development programmes

Companies can have a dramatic impact on communities by building local economies. We help you find enterprises with potential, and provide the training and mentorship to turn the potential into reality. We partner with companies wishing to make LED a measurable area of an organisation’s CSI, identifying high potential target small or micro enterprises, formal and informal.

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