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Hlanganisa Vacancies

Hlanganisa Institute for Development in Southern Africa: Various Positions Hlanganisa Institute for Development in Southern Africa (Hlanganisa) is an innovative intermediary grantmaker whose vision is to strengthen community and civil society voice. Through supporting social accountability initiatives and promoting human rights in pursuit of social justice in Southern Africa. Hlanganisa

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#OPINION: Funding needed for women’s shelters

My family and I recently went through a gruelling experience of domestic violence perpetrated against a close relative. Unfortunately, because this was a family member who had been warned against what most of us characterised as “crazy love”, it was difficult to sympathise with her victimhood. Without realising it, we

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Growing up, it was not uncommon to hear the phrase “men are dogs” – often used by many of my matriarch during those acute episodes of romantic relationships gone wrong. I never took it literally and neither did I apply my mind to what they were implying, until I suffered

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