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CALL FOR PROPOSALS - THE JOINT GENDER FUND - WLR - MAY 2019 | Hlanganisa Community Fund for Social and Gender Justice Southern Africa





MAY 2019





Hlanganisa Institute for Development Southern Africa is an intermediary grant maker whose vision is to strengthen social accountability and promote human rights in pursuit of social justice. The Joint Gender Fund (JGF) is one of Hlanganisa’s flagship programmes that seeks to supports integrated, comprehensive and transformative GBV programming interventions that contribute to a strengthened sector that is more able to respond to GBV. The Fund takes into account the context of socio-economic inequality and aims to address GBV in ways that transform gender relations, address key intersections, and empower women and girls in particular. This is achieved through small grants and capacity building to civil society organizations and community based organisations implementing innovative gender-based violence (GBV) programmes. Currently, the primary contributors to the JGF include Raith Foundation, Irish AID and the Ford Foundation.

Whilst there are many grassroots initiatives aimed at addressing women’s land rights, many CBOs working on the same issue are in need of institutional capacity strengthening to implement more impactful programming while fostering a culture of accountability and transparency. Through this grant, the JGF will focus on strengthening the capacity of small community-based organisations working on women’s rights, and facilitate their engagement with local stakeholders, ensuring that they promote gender equity in the ongoing national discourse on land tenure. As such, the JGF’s role will be complimentary to that of other civil society organisations working in women’s land rights and also facilitate linkages between their work and that of CBOs.

In this call, The Joint Gender Fund invites CBOs to submit proposals focusing on women’s land rights. JGF will fund community-based organisations that advocate for women’s rights as they relate to access to land and tenure. This will be achieved through technical and financial support aimed at enhancing their capacity to engage relevant stakeholders and structures at local level.

Activities and themes considered in this call will be:

  • Advocacy targeted at relevant institutions
  • Community level engagement with government and traditional leadership
  • Policy and legislation review
  • Review of land accessibility to women
  • Property Inheritance for Widows
  • Land ownership awareness

Funding Period: A maximum period of 18 months

Grant Amounts: Between R100 000 – R150 000 per grant


All organizations applying for funding must comply with all the criteria listed below.

Organizations must:

  • Be a community-based organization (CBO)
  • Be a registered South African non-profit organization or a recognised movement, working in South Africa;
  • Be currently working on women and land rights
  • Have experience in work aimed at promoting social justice and advancing human rights at grassroots level;
  • Have adequate financial and management systems or competent fiscal host;
  • Have a governance/accountability structure that is active and involved;
  • Have strong leadership and participation of women in their management and governance
  • Have a vision for transforming unequal gender power relations
  • Demonstrate alignment with the overall strategy of the JGF

Applications must:

  • Not exceed 12 pages in length (excluding administrative information and appendices)
  • Be submitted by email, fax, or delivery

Please take note of the following:

  • This call is open to organisations and movements based anywhere in South Africa, but organisations based in, or working in rural areas and peri-urban areas, are especially encouraged to apply:
  • Taking into account the discrepancy in resources and capacity between NGOs and CBOs and the potential for strengthening CBOs, joint proposals between NGO’s and CBO’s will be considered.
  • The proposal should outline clear objectives and a sound implementation approach.

Please click here to apply or scan the QR code below to your mobile phone:

Please ensure that all sections of the application form are completed. For further information please visit HiDSA website (www.hlanganisa.org.za). Alternatively, the application form can be downloaded here.

Closing date for applications: Friday 14 June 2019, 4PM. No applications will be accepted or considered after this deadline.



HiDSA reserves the right to:

  • Decline to consider any proposal that does not conform to any aspects of the proposal requirements
  • Cancel this proposal or any part thereof at anytime